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Welcome to Occult Realm

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Occult Realm

Welcome to Occult Realm

We are Maria & Eveline, two London psychics helping people to achieve success, satisfaction and happiness in any areas of their lives.

Our readings and guidance are sought by accomplished individuals, investors and powerful leaders - but available for anyone who wish to reveal insights, unlock opportunities and achieve up to his full potential.

Spells we create are powerful and sophisticated at the same time - such as our service overall - just like you would expect from professional psychics.

Complimentary guidance with every spell

Psychic Reading
& Guidance

We can see all events, challenges and secrets in your past, present and future. We can reveal information of any kind with great accuracy.

Curse Removal
& Protection

Our expertise in magic and occultism allows us to eliminate curses safely and securely. We can cleanse you from any curse or black magic in 24 hours.

Craft Magic
& Cast Spells

With more than 10 years of experience, we can craft powerful spells for any purpose. Order a custom spell to gain power and advantage in any situation.

Our Story

We spent our childhood in France, in a small village close to Paris where witchcraft and magic was openly practiced by gypsy psychics and spell casters. 

Our first experiment with mysticism happened in 1997, when a local psychic showed us how to look into the future. After a short ritual we were allowed to look into her crystal ball which showed unexplainable visions with astonishing details.

We kept returning until the visions start to make sense. Soon we started to recognize people and events and learned how to read the future accurately. 

Our curiosity took us even further and we started to experiment with both white and black magic spells. 

Between 2009 and 2012 we have been traveling around the world to master genuine magic from the most renowned masters of Voodoo, Arcane and Wiccan schools.

Blessings from our clients

  • It is my absolute pleasure to use the services of these girls. Since 2012 they have helped me to achieve things I never dreamed about. I will always bless the day I found them. The insights and guidance they provide is fantastic.

    Matthew R.
    from London
  • First of all thank you for the amazing value you provide with every single reading or spell. When I met you I was skeptical but now I feel dumb not using your services earlier. 

    Britney W.
    from Leeds
  • I have tried so many psychics before meeting Eveline and Maria. Most are worthless but as soon as started to speak with these blessed young ladies I was convinced. Here I don't hear the usual nonsense about demons and hexes. Every single word makes sense and every spell has prominent effect.

    Alexandra L.
    from Paris
  • In South Africa witchcraft is common so I did not hesitate to contact Occult Realm which turned out to be the best decision of my life. With their spells and guidance my struggling business took off and I am achieving like never before. I am sure it is not a coincidence.

    Jonathan B.
    from Cape Town
  • Our family suffered from bad luck and insufficient financial conditions. A friend from London recommended these ladies who performed a curse removal which made our life significantly better.

    Ranjit G.
    from Delhi
  • I have never believed in curse removal but I was desperate so tried Occult Realm. Sincerely I do not know if it was coincidence or magic but my problems simply stopped. Thank you.

    Kate P.
    from London

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